Minecraft SkinEdit 3.7

Minecraft SkinEdit: a new skin for Minecraft

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Minecraft SkinEdit: a new skin for Minecraft

Minecraft already offers a huge amount of creativity and Minecraft SkinEdit expands that but instead of building more buildings, you can make superficial changes to the look of characters in the game. Every character in Minecraft is based on a 64x32 pixel wide PNG image. Minecraft SkinEdit allows you to create another PNG image with the same dimensions and add it to the game.

You can edit character colors using a color palette using brushes and paint pots. The brush size can be adjusted and you can make your characters as multicolor as your imagination allows. Any mistakes you make can easily be undone. Finally, you can see the result of your work with an animated preview.

Minecraft SkinEdit isn't exactly essential but it's a lot of fun if you're bored of the generic characters in Minecraft.

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