Minecraft SkinEdit

Minecraft SkinEdit alpha pre 3.7

A new skin for Minecraft

Minecraft SkinEdit is a graphics editor that lets you create new skins for Minecraft. View full description


  • Users can fully customize the skin's look
  • Includes correction undo and redo tools


  • Creating a truly aesthetically pleasing skin is difficult

Very good

Minecraft SkinEdit is a graphics editor that lets you create new skins for Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where your imagination can run free. Why not extend that to the appearance of the game setting itself? With Minecraft SkingEdit you can do just that.

For users new to skinning, Minecraft SkinEdit is thankfully relatively easy to get a handle on. You've got a color palette to work with, and if you're unsure you're going to like the changes you've implemented there's a live preview option that comes with the editor. You never have to change anything permanently until you've previewed your work with Minecraft SkinEdit.

Minecraft SkinEdit also has a variety of different brushes at your disposal. You can also make use of shading effects like burn and dodge, and paint in larger areas with the flood fill feature. If you make a mistake with Minecraft SkinEdit, the program offers both undo and redo options.

Unfortunately, it can still be tricky to create a really innovative or aesthetically pleasing design in Minecraft SkinEdit, despite all of the options available to you. If you're not particularly artistically inclined, it could take you a lot of time to really master making an impressive looking skin. Results will vary by an individual user's artistic prowess, although the process of creating a new skin can be fun for just about any user to try out.

If you want to stand out while playing Minecraft online, Minecraft SkinEdit can help you do that, if you're willing to put in the time.

Minecraft SkinEdit


Minecraft SkinEdit alpha pre 3.7

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  • erinwilkes

    by erinwilkes

    "I like it, but it could use a better preview model. "

    It's the easiest method to use for sure. Could use a better model animation. Maybe an option to put it in the default po... More.

    reviewed on April 8, 2015